Grading Procedures

English Department Grading Procedures

  • Daily grades: homework and quizzes = 40% of your grade.  
  • Major grades: tests and major assignments = 60% of your grade.

Late Assignments

  • Late DAILY work received 1 day late will receive a grade no higher than 70. (-30)
  • Late DAILY work received 2 days late will receive a grade no higher than 50.(-50)
  • No late work will be accepted for credit 3 DAYS OR LONGER after the due date. (GRADE=0)

Absences and Make-Up Work

  • It is your responsibility to get your make-up work from the make-up work box when you come back after an excused absence. You must be responsible for yourself! If you know in advance that you will be gone, talk to me. You may be able to get your assignments before you go. Sign up for tutorials if needed. You are responsible for all missed material, including bell work.
  • You have one day per day absent to make up daily work and one week to make up a test; after that missed work is recorded as a zero. I will put LTE (LTE=0) in the grade book in the place of that grade, and it will stay a zero if it is not made up.

Explanation of Letter Grades Used in Grade book

INC    incomplete assignment; grade = a zero

ABS   make-up work; grade = a zero

EXC   excused grade

LTE    late or missing assignment; grade = a zero

 REMEMBER: It takes an average of FOUR good grades to recover from a zero!!!


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