Rules and Procedures


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  1. Be Prompt. You must be in your seat and take care of any business before the tardy bell rings.  If you’ve gone to the restroom, you will have to use a hall pass, an Oops! Pass, or receive a tardy.
  2. Be Prepared. Always bring appropriate materials and supplies to class. Failure to do so may result in a behavior paragraph.
  3. Be Polite. Respectful behavior is expected toward the teacher (or substitute) and fellow students. All students are expected to use the correct posture, stay alert, and to keep all personal grooming aids and tasks outside of class.
  4. Be Productive. Complete all assignments neatly and on time.  You must remain in your assigned seat.  Wait to be dismissed by the teacher.
  5. Be Positive. Your attitude affects everything that you do.


Warning/possible assigned seat/possible Stop and Think Paragraph for homework (contact home)

2nd – Morning Detention with Mrs. Shellhorse (contact home)

3rd – office referral

English Department Grading Procedures

  • Each daily grade counts 40%. I will NOT accept late daily assignments, except under certain circumstances. Per English Department policy, if I accept a late daily assignment, the highest grade the student can receive is a 70 (-30 points).
  • Each major grade counts 60%. If a student submits a late major project, essay, or other assignment that counts as a test grade, 20 points will be deducted from the major grade for each day it is late.

Oops! Passes  

  • You may also earn extra hall passes, or Oops! Passes, and these can be used just like hall passes or saved for bonus points on test grades at the end of the marking period.

Absences and Make-Up Work

  • Make-up assignments can be found in the file folder for your designated class. 
  • Weekly agenda is posted on the board. Check this to see what you missed.
  • If you are going to miss class for a school-sponsored event, you MUST make up work prior to your absence.
  • You have one day for each day absent to make up work. After that it will stay a zero.

    It is the student’s responsibility to get and complete make-up work!

Written Work:

Your written work is an extension of yourself.  I expect 100% in everything you do, just like an athletic coach expects 100% from his or her team.  Therefore the following is a list of rules and the “penalties” I will deduct from papers:

  • Students must turn in all written work in blue or black ink (-10 points)
  • Students must staple papers in the proper order (-5 points)
  • Students must check for spelling mistakes (-1 point each)
  • Students must turn in all papers with the proper MLA heading and title(-10 points)

MLA Heading: Put the MLA heading on the top, LEFT side of your paper next to the margin.

  • Joe Roughneck (first and last)
  • Mrs. Shellhorse                                           
  • English II-3 (subject and class period number)
  • Date

Title:  Put the name of your assignment centered on the top line

  • Example: Journal #1
  • Formal essays and projects need to be typed.


  • ear buds (keep in chrome book)
  • notebook paper (may be used for other classes)
  • spiral notebook or 8″ by 11″ composition book (with at least 100 pages)
  • pencils
  • a small pack of InkJoy or Flair pens (3 colors)(keep in pencil bag))(for essays and notes)
  • 1 small pack of 3X3 Post-it Notes (will turn in)
  • 1 small pack of colored paper (girls)
  • 1 small pack of colored cardstock (boys)

Explanation of Letter Grades Used in Gradebook

INC incomplete assignment; grade equals a zero

MW make-up work; grade equals a zero

EXC excused grade

L late or missing assignment; grade equals a zero

Remember that MW and L count as zeroes in the gradebook.  Plus, it takes an average of FOUR good grades to recover from a zero.


  • I will update grades at least once a week in the computer.  I will also print and post them in the room.  You may also check your grades online.

If you have questions about your grades or average, please see me during tutorials. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have questions.  ☺

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