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TSI Test Postponed until March 11 and 12

For those of you taking the dual credit history class as a junior next year, the TSI test has been postponed until March 11 and 12. The test will be taken during your English classes during both of these days.

You will still need to complete the pre-assessment before taking the TSI. There is no cost for the pre-assessment, and it’s really just designed to give you information about the TSI, what you can expect and how it’s scored. The PRE-assessment will only take you about 15 minutes. You’ll need earbuds on hand as most of the information is provided to you through video instruction. There are just a few sample questions, but don’t stress if you don’t get them correct; it doesn’t count on the PRE-assessment.

The second link is a free online practice app. AFTER, you complete the pre-assessment, you can create your account in the Practice App and login, select “Texas Success Initiative 2.0” to begin.

TSI Pre-Assessment

TSI Practice (Use after the pre-assessment.)

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